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Default Merry (belated) Christmas to me--new slicer!

I had to replace my slicer after many years.
Chased leads on used ones for the last 6 weeks till I was blue in the face.
Looking for an 8" or larger unit that was at the top of "home use" or bottom of "commercial use" quality.
For a home cook, I slice a LOT of bacon (all 3 kinds), pastrami, jerky, etc.

Found a lot of Hobarts and some Globes and Berkels--but those suckers were all 100-120 lb or more and way more than I wanted to deal with.
A lady we know had a Hobart 12" in very good condition that I could have bought for $75--but I would have needed a fork lift to move it!

Finally said "Fark It"!!!

This should be here later in the week:

Seems very capable, reasonably easy to clean, and at about 40 lb this old man can deal with it!
I doubt seriously that I will wear this one out

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