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Now take the pot full of ingredients and fill about half full of broth. In this batch we used turkey because that is what we are eating the mole with. Mole is usually eaten with boiled chicken or turkey. Try to make alot of broth and it still wont be enough, water can be substituted. The broth is also used to make the mexican style rice. Anyhow fill pot half full with broth and simmer on stove for half an hour or so to soften everything even more.

Now that we have everything toasted, fried, and simmered it is time to blend it all together. filling the blender about half full of solid ingredients top it off with the broth or water if needed and blend. You will soon see that as the chili gets chopped up it will get thick. You will want to add liquid to just get it torun without cavitating. It does make it easier to try and get a little bit of everything in each run of blender if posible. Run the blender until a nice smooth consistancy, pour out and do it again untill all is blended.
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