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Originally Posted by BBQ Bandit View Post
Buying a 22.5" WSM for 400 will provide nearly the same space, better efficiency, longer burning, and provide b etter possibilities right out of the box.
+1 - to be honest the $125 charbroil offset from home depot is fine with some mods made to her, yes it is thin, yes it leaks like crazy, yes it is not efficient but its cheap and easy to use and learn for a new member of the smoking community. i started with one and i still have it today (although its modified slightly), if you close all air vents and leave stack open 1/4" her airbox leaks enough through vents and clean out door to burn for about 6 hours on 8+/- lbs of lump at 225 degrees with a water pan (cheap loaf pan from walmart filled with water) with ambient temp around 60-70 degrees. that being said im doing a smoke tomorrow of 9 racks of baby backs (with rib rack) in 25-30 degree temps in the snow she with only go about 3.5-4 hours on 8lbs of lump with the air vent open 1/4" inch to allow more a flow thus burning hotter to compensate for lower ambient temp, i think i said enough, im sure whatever you decide it will be great for you and once you learn her the next begging on knee questions for the wife will be can you get a bigger one!

all that said the WSM is the best small smoker out there for the $
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