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Butcher paper is porous it retains moisture but allow the smoke in and the steam out. You get a tender moist flavorful brisket with great bark instead of a steamed hunk of delii brisket with some smoke on it and mushy bark. The butcher paper gives some of the benefits of foil and most of the benefits of cooking with out it WIn WIn.
I guess you never been to a real butcher and watched them wrap your meat, so this is how I do it YMMV

Pull off about 3 1/2 ft of paper lay the brisket on the paper at a bias across at the corner make sure you place it far enough in so that the corner can be folded all the way over the fat cap. Bring the sides into the ends of the brisket and roll the brisket in the paper. Repeat the roll working the sides of the paper to the center ass you go. If everything goes to plan it will be fat cap down and you will have a stubby tri-angle of a tail on top of the flat. Place it on the pit Fat cap up the weight will keep it closed.

The first time you do one leave the brisket in the cryo and practice once or twice to get a feel for it. much easier to learn with a cold one.
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