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Ok so they are done and dead at 6hrs. Now the temp did bump up to 270 during the last 1.5hrs. This is because I somehow to forgot to close the firebox door. Saw the temp go up quickly and went outside and the bottom door was wide open . Not a little open like I slammed the door and it just didn't catch all the way on the latch. I'm talking completely forgot to close it . So clearly my G2 is defective and I will immediately recommend to Backwoods they put a complete idiot alarm when you don't do a common sense thing like close the firebox door. Or maybe an auto shut feature. I mean I can't be doing fancy labor intensive things like closing firebox doors after opening them .

Anyways it made for a good laugh, but really didn't affect much other than speed up the cook. Even with that little temp increase it still cooked so much faster overall than any smoker I've used before. I'll have to do some retooling with my competition timelines if the bigger meats cook this fast. Heck I always wanted to sleep all night and not have to start anything till the morning .

So I put the butts in the cambro to rest till 7:30ish when I'll eat. Here is a pick of how much charcoal is left after about 7hrs. I'm going to keep it running 240-250 to see how long it burns. I'll post meat pictures when I eat.
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