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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by SC_Dave View Post
I can do that, not a problem. I just thought it may have been used in BBQ'n for a particular reason because that's where I've seen it used the most.
Each kind of salt has its own qualities, which make it better for certain applications.

I don't have Iodized salt in my pantry. I use mostly kosher salt, but sometimes fine sea salt.

As others have mentioned, different salts measure differently. It is best to measure salts by weight, not volume. Fine sea salt packs a lot more salt flavor by volume than kosher salt or good-ole Morton's. You have to make adjustments when you switch salts.

That's why I use mostly one salt for seasoning -- kosher. I know it well. I use the fine sea salt in my brines. I keep other salts around just to have if a recipe calls for one of them.

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