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Default Chicken experimentation

So far the best brine i have used overnight in comp time constraints for whole chicken was my Cajun brine which is just water, salt, pepper, garlic cloves, chopped onion and crab boil concentrate. I'm gonna do a side by side comparison of 2 brines I have measured out by sodium.
They will be a brine of lawrys season salt and brown sugar and a bps money rub brine. Here his my equations. If any of you comp guys got a good brine for a win hungry Texan that only competes in my area, send me a pm or a link so I can try it.
Here we go:
92,160 mg sodium- 1cup kosher salt
23,040 mg sodium 1/4 cup kosher salt
5520 mg sodium in 1/4 cup *bps money rub
22080 per 1 cup
960 mg difference
1 cup 1tbs bps money rub per 1 qt water*= around 8% brine solution
If I'm missing anything here, let a brotha know. Chickens are .$77# so this is cheap comp practice.
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