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somebody shut me the fark up.
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He don't need no stinkin cookbook; he's got us!!

Here's my unsolicited method.

Rub the butts with your favorite pork rub. I'm a big fan of 3 Eyz and Dizzy Pig Dizzy Dust (Those are my local boyz ) . I personally like to rub the night before, wrap in Saran Wrap and let it marinade in it's own juices in the fridge all night. But you can rub an hour before.

Butts are very forgiving so I've been smoking at 300* with no ill effects.

Try not to open the smoker for the first 4 or 5 hours (depending on your temp). If you're smoking at 225, go 5 hours before you peep. At 300 I'll check in on it around 3 hours and take a temp. Note- I do not insert a temp probe at the beginning. No need. They're gonna cook; that's all. I'm more interested to watch the temp around 145-150 on.

Anytime you open the door, give it a spritz of apple juice. Or a spritz of your own concoction.

If I'm gonna reinject, I do that at 155*.

At 165*, wrap. We like to give it some Love at this point. We smear with Parkay, turbinado sugar, and our favorite hot sauce. Double wrap tight in heavy duty foil. Place temp probe in top of butt.

The temp you remove from the smoker depends on how many butts you're doing. If I'm only doing 2 butts, I take to 200-205. Four or more, I remove at 195. (Reason being, the more butts you have in one cooler, the more thermal mass. They will drive their own temp up to 205). Place them in a old cooler and let rest at least an hour. 2 hours is better.

Place wrapped butt in a half pan. Open the foil and dump the butt into the pan. If it's extremely juicy, pour some off and save. Leave 1-2 cups of juice in the pan.

The shoulder bone should pull right out with no effort. Bust up the meat with regular kitchen forks. Discard any undesirable fat. If you wouldn't want it in your mouth, toss it. Add any juice back if needed for desired moisture content.

And there you go. Pulled Pork sammiches. Enjoy.
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