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Originally Posted by drbbq View Post
You guys better never judge a BBQ comp because the use of MSG is rampant. Check just about any comp guys rub and you will see it. MSG - Makes Stuff Gooder.
My point exactly Ray.. and it seems you are on top of this. When trying to win a comp, you gotta use some MSG to match the flavour profile that the judges expect. But... if you're cooking at home, or for friends and family, you'll do your own thing and it will very likely be much better.

To me, regardless of whether MSG causes adverse reactions with people, it remains an identifyable ingredient that is largely artifical and tastes that way.

If I taste it anywhere I go, it lets me know that they are taking shortcuts and not using the best of ingredients. MSG is a shorcut to getting some flavour that cooking time, fresh ingredients, attention to detail, will always beat.


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