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Well I didn't login soon enough to see your tutorial Patio but will consider it for next time.

I smoked them on my weber grill at 300 w/ some cherry chips & B&B lump for 2.5hrs. I brined them in a brine similar to Diva Q citrus brine for 3 hrs then washed/dried/let sit for about 1 hr before seasoning w/ a rub. They came out ok but were on the tough side but temp wise were 160's/180's. Is the toughness due to not brined long enough or just the way the CGH are? The diva Q brine can be done overnight but I normally do several hrs even on breasts but thought that might be too long for a CGH. The dog liked the leftovers so there was one fan of them but then she'd give all 10's to anything set down for her.
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