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I have never checked the point for temp,I have never dried any out there is to much fat running through it, please don't pay any attention to the deckle/point/moist/fatty end just try not to burn it, as for the flat feeling like butter well I think your just going to have to cook a few more to get the feel of butter(or start checking at 200*). You want to catch the butter feeling on the way up(almost buttery feeling) meat will carry over up to 10* when you pull it. Probe in the thickest part of the flat for checking tenderness right into the top of the flat. I start the cook at 275* after a hour n half I ramp it up to 325* after another hour n half I wrap it and continue to cook until flat is tender about 2 to 3 hours. I have taken every experiment/test run and came up with this recipe.

Here is a older video I did that is tried and true, I just don't cook at 350* anymore unless I'm in a real rush or its chicken, good luck on your future paper bag cookery I see in your future of brisket cooks.

[B]|[/B][COLOR="DarkOrange"][B]HOOK'EM[/B][/COLOR] [B][B]UDS[/B]|[B][COLOR="DimGray"]MINI UDS[/COLOR][/B][COLOR="Black"]|22.5 WEBER PERF[/COLOR][/B][COLOR="Sienna"][B]|B&B[/B][/COLOR][COLOR="Sienna"][B]|OAK & PECAN[/B][/COLOR][COLOR="Blue"][B]|DIGIQ[/B][COLOR="Black"][B]|[/B][/COLOR][/COLOR][COLOR="Yellow"][B]TW8060[/B][/COLOR][B]|THERMAPEN[/B] [COLOR="DarkOrange"][B]ORANGE[/B][/COLOR][B]|[/B][B][COLOR="Black"]Char[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR="Red"]-Griller[/COLOR][/B] [B][COLOR="Black"]Akorn[/COLOR][/B][B]|[/B][URL=""][COLOR="Red"][B]Thin[/B][/COLOR][COLOR="LightBlue"] [B]Blue[/B][/COLOR] [COLOR="RoyalBlue"][B]Smokery[/B][/COLOR][/URL][B]|[/B]
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