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Originally Posted by Pooj17 View Post
any help? 4 adults and 2 kids...charbroiler smoker from still relatively "green" where can i get the skinning on temps etc on the site? Want to give it my best "first shot" Have none the nakes fatties a handful of times getting a better idea of temps etc...any help would be great!
The pork butt is more forgiving than other types of meat which can be smoked in your CharBroiler.

Your first step would to be to get accurate temperatures on a test run with a fatty. The electric version would be easier to control the temperature. The offset will be a little more difficult due to the air leaks. In the offset use charcoal with wood chips or chunks rather than just a wood fire.

Remember in both cookers use your water pan as designed for a heat diffuser to avoid spikes in temperature.

For a pork butt at 250 degrees cooking temperature, allow 1.5 hours per pound as a guide, check the internal temperature anywhere between 190 - 205 and is done when the bone wiggles without resistance. Move to a foiled pan and rest in an insulated cooler for aprox. 4 hours.

Some pitmasters foil the pork during the cook, some of us don't.

You can go to meat smoking calculator and find your options, it will give you a timeline of approximations of when to foil (if chosen), when it is near finish temperatures, and when to rest. It is a nice tool for the beginner to build confidence in themselves for the first few cooks. Once you have had a couple successful cooks you can cook without the calculator very easily.


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