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Originally Posted by tortaboy View Post

The time to give advice and warnings was before the cook. AFTER I already did the cook, and it came out good....I was no longer looking for your "ADVICE". At that point, your continued warnings were plainly an attempt to be condescending. You recognized NOTHING that I had posted from my actual cook. I would expect more from a mod.

Kinda like you posting a good cook, and me saying it looked like S***. Very classy.
Holy Carp! WTF is that! I was going to offer my 2 cents in this regarding tri-tips(which i cook at least twice a month) but chances are you will piss in my cheerios too. Which would likely lead to one less member. Your reaction, directed at anyone in this forum was out of line and uncalled for.

So now I will point a few things out.

first, regarding this comment, which may be your rule, but its not mine, nor the rule to this forum..

Originally Posted by tortabuy
The time to give advice and warnings was before the cook.
so, to use your own words.. BULLCHIT.. folks can comment any time they damn well please.. expect it, dont make up your own rules and if you dont like it.. tough..

Moving right along....

1- Mods are members and just as entitled to respond to a thread as a member as anyone else is...

2 - no where does it say that responses are unwelcome after the cook completes. The purpose of this forum is to form a knowledge base and members dont always see stuff immediately(such as myself, who just saw this and was preparing to comment on marinading tri-tips) but will comment in threads after the fact offering more advice. That ongoing advice (or opinion) will benefit the person or persons who read the thread a day or month or year down the line.

3 - Responses like yours will do nothing to encourage new members to post or join in, not to mention are just plain caustic and uncalled for.

4 - let get something straight now. if you ask for advice, expect to get it, and, expect for it to possibly continue after youre done cooking. If you dont like that idea dont ask for advice or opinions.

And finally, just a warning.... next time you, or anyone jumps in a members chit like that, expect to find the door locking behind you.

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