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Default Terrible ribs

So my son asked Santa for a lifetime supply of ribs, I'm not kidding. I thought that I would get started on Christmas for him. Let me start by saying that I am not a rib guy; my experience is pretty limited with them. I have only cooked them four or five times. I went to the store and all they had were babyback ribs, so I bought them. I got up christmas morning and got the egg ready like I always do, and put them on after some putting some rub on them

The egg wanted to cook at 270-280 yesterday so I let it go. I cooked them for three hours and then foiled. this is what they looked like just before foiling

I waited two hours and went out to check on them, they were done. At least I thought so. the bones came out when pulled on. This is one of the racks

They were good when they were hot, I cut a rack up and left it on a tray for guests to serve themselves. After about thirty minutes in the open they were inedible. The meat toughened up to the point that I gave it to the dog.

My questions are, Is there an optimal internal temp for ribs? I tried to do 3-2-1, but I didn't want to overcook them, is this even a concern if they are foiled? Should I have prepared babybacks differently than any other ribs. I have cooked other types and they turned out much better than this. In the end my boy liked them so that is all that mattered, but I was disappointed. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
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