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somebody shut me the fark up.
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I cook to different temps depending on how many butts I'm doing. Just 2 butts, I'll cook to 205. Put the two foiled butts in a cooler together and let rest for an hour or 2, then bust up.

4 or more butts: you can stop cooking at 195. Put all foiled butts in the same cooler together and let rest an hour or 2. The extra thermal mass will drive the temp over 205 so you dont have to use more fuel and do it in the smoker.

I bust up the meat with two regular kitchen forks. I wear white knit gloves under the standard blue XL Nitrile gloves to pull. This makes working with the hot meat a breeze.

They're cheap and I get them at Harbor Freight.

I do not like using power tools to shred the meat because I like to pick thru the meat and remove any undesirable looking fat. Some fat is good, but there is some fat that you dont want to bite into. If I wouldn't want it in a bite of my sammich, I toss it.
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