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Originally Posted by Chargrilld View Post
where did you get the cart?
did u make it?
have u got plans? :)
I made the cart, but no I didn't really have any plans drawn up. Dashed to Home Depot and Harbor Freight before they closed on Friday night and figured out the design once I got home.

It's put together with 2x4's, 2.5" exterior screws, 5/8" threaded rod for the axles, and 10" pneumatic wheels. The important dimensions are- 21" for the diameter of the LBGE, and 15" from the bottom of the cooker to the top of the top shelf/surface. You have to place the cooker on some sort of stone tile to protect the wood of the cart underneath. In my case, there was a 2" tile underneath, plus the lower shelf (the 2x4's were 1.5" thick) so I attached the lower support for the shelf at 19" from the top of the top shelf. Did that make sense? I don't think I explained it very well. Made 2 24" squares then joined them with 4 vertical pieces and then put screws in wherever I could. The squares were made out of 2 24" pieces and 2 21" pieces. There is no glue or bracing really, so the screws are it.

It is not stained, and will probably not last very long, but it got me cooking this weekend, so it works for me. I want to build a nice table for it but it will take some time.
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