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And, of course, Plowboy's Yardbird contains MSG. Or it did originally. And I absolutely love that rub, one of my favorites. BTW I put that rub on ribs at large group feeds several years in a row (over 100 people each time) and never saw any signs of adverse effects.

I have family in Southern California where they seem to be completely insane about food. So I do try to be tolerant. But they go on these anti-this and anti-that fads that really seem frankly silly to me. I unashamedly eat bacon and eggs, for example. Despite the fact that eggs are supposed to blow up your cholesterol and nitrite from bacon is supposed to give you cancer.

And I invariably add some drops of a sauce containing MSG when I make Vietnamese sandwiches (banh mi, YUM). And without them they simply aren't the same.

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