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Originally Posted by BobBrisket View Post
Acids will tenderize, but they tend to work at surface level like Bucc stated. I've done lot's of chicken with things like lime, orange juices etc. They will turn the outter surface a light gray. It also makes it slimy. It's basically cooked the outter surface. Once you grill it, that outter surface is what gives you the flavor much like a rub. But, unless I jaccard the meat, it won't really go passed the surface and the inside tastes normal. If I inject, there is much more flavor internally, BUT you need to work on a quick time line.
Can't say I've ever made meat or chicken slimy.

I'm not looking to totally take away the flavor of the meat. Considering you get surface flavor from a Tri Tip in every bite (Unlike a thicker cut), for me, this combination worked well.

I was nervous yesterday thinking that I farked up six Tri Tips, but didn't need to be.
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