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Technically not the sour dough brisket HOWEVER.... one thing that always made me think about say, friendship bread was... technically it had to start somewhere. The original drunken epiphany I had in the late 80's/ early 1990s when we were competing and there was talk that some areas up north (There was NOTHING happening north of Kansas) and the Jack was not really a international thing. It was a local thing. I lived in Decherd/Estill Springs/Winchester area at the time. Not to mention, east of Texarkana hardly ANYONE was doing any beef turn ins... well, brisket for competition was a Texas thing but we heard those pesky northerner that came down from Tennessee and Oklahoma were "injecting." We supposed if it ever came across at the Tyler or Taylor or one of the Rodeo BBQ's there would be disqualification if anyone ever admitted or observed it. Anyway, I drank a lot back then and remember someone spouting something off maybe Bill or Barbara Milroy, I think, like "what the hell you gonna inject a brisket with that you can't cook into it?" I started laughing and said "the smoking loveliness of your last brisket" tilted up my glass (filled with Jack Daniels chilled to 29 degrees so it would not melt the ice) and yelled "sour dough brisket."

Someone cooked one of those, we ate some and another I heard got turned in and it may or may not have won... I am not saying cuz maybe someone would have to give the trophy back because I think for a while afterward injecting was a DQ in Texas.

So... back to your stuff. Good idea cuz those smokey bones are a good start. I used brisket drippings (think guys - its filled with collagen, beef flavor and smoke and you cannot buy it) for years and when I started back up again doing 15 or so briskets at a time I developed my tri level process and the dirty Dalmatian to mimic the injection without having to inject.
This is what I'm thinking I inject the night before with the overly rich stock, and then right before applying the rub I use a larger needle to inject the beef fat all over the flat to simulate a higher grade of beef.
Yes I know that if cooked right even a select brisket is good, but I figure in a competition it really can come down to splitting hairs.
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