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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by LT72884 View Post
ok, i just had some Q from a southern pride gas smoker. It turned out some good Q. I could not taste the gas at all. just nice wood flavor on the meat. I asked them if the wood smolders or actually catches fire. To my surprise, the wood was actually on fire in the fire box. I know that sounds odd that i asked if the wood was on fire, but i wanted to know so i could compere it to how it differs from stick burners and vertical style cookers. haha.

thanks all
The Southern Pride burns full sized logs. It only uses the gas to light them and maintain temp if the logs burn up. If will then alert the operator to add more wood. They are gas/computer assisted stick burners in a pretty stainless box. Guy Fieri calls them big boy BBQ's.
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