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Default Runaway temps on WSM picnic

Hey y'all.....still a newbie here.....decided to throw an 8.5# picnic on tonight for some pulled-pork BBQ burrito bites for an appetizer at my sister's Christmas dinner (1 pm) tomorrow.

This is my 2nd go, last one was on Columbus Day. (Long story, including stint in hospital).

It's 30 degrees and calm. My temp held at 270 (target) for 20 mins, 2 hrs from fire start, so I thought it was relatively stabilized, then it jumped to 300 in 10 mins. I cranked down the vents from 1/4" to 1/8th and watched the temp rise to 325, so I closed all bottom vents (dome full open), and it's been sitting at 327 for the last 15 mins.

I followed the same procedure as last time, (which cooked at ~ 300 the entire 8 hrs.) but I may have allowed the lit briqs (K-Blue) to get hotter this time, compensating (i figured) for the lower ambient temp. Oops?

Anyway, I'm not sweating this thing....told my sister don't count on it due to it being first cook below freezing (w/ a touch of snow coming overnight) and if it fails for some reason, the back-up plan is pizza.

My digital therm is good, and it's in-step w/ my installed dome therm.

So, I'm gonna wait til the thing drops to 285 or so and open 1 vent a smidge and see what happens.

Meantime, the Celebration Ale and Bailey's are going down easy...Merry Christmas to all.
1/4" Cimarron offset & Webers galore. REAL men drink ALE.
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