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Default Inaugural BGE Cook!!! (and initial musings from a n00b)

I couldn't wait any longer... had to slap together a cart of some sort and asemble my LBGE. Nothing fancy - a handsaw, a drill, a square, and 5 hours later I had a cart. Why didn't I just buy a nest? Because that would be too easy, too sensible, and the more logical thing to do.

Here's how it all looked in my car. On sale at Bering's in Houston.

Seated in its new cart. I want to build a table for it eventually, but that will take some time and research. The cart isn'tmuch to look at, but ir gets the job done and is pretty easy to move around.

First lighting for its maiden voyage!

I had some lights installed so I don't have to cook in the dark anymore.

Maiden cook was some beef short ribs dusted with Plowboys Bovine bold. Foiled at 160ish and pulled at 206F.

This is the first time I cooked short ribs, because i am tired of buying meatless racks of beef ribs, even though they do come out great on the drum. The ribs were a tad dry, and not all of them were rendered until tender, so they were just a bit tough. I liked them though.

Results may have been less than par, because of the temps bouncing around. Lit it up with the top and bottom open, tuened around and within 5 mins the temps were about 400F. Yikes! Adjusted both top and bottom and got back down to 260ish, then let it drift up to about 315F because dinner was getting late and we were hungry. It was a fun cook nonetheless. It's going to take a little time to figure out how to cook on the BGE.

I have to get a few lower temp cooks in first to set the gasket and then I'll try pizzas, tandoori chicken, naans, and such. I miss the familiarity of my drums and kettles, since i had those all dialed in and knew how they behaved, but its good to step out of your comfort zone now and then to learn something new.

My BGE has a bit of an underbite. Does not affect temps or seal, but I was considering trying these adjustments at some point:
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