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Originally Posted by tortaboy View Post
I've never experienced mushy meat, using any marinades....ever.

If marinades do not penetrate, why are the consistently used by millions of people?

If they do not penetrate, the taste sure tricks one into into thinking that they do.

I think you are wrong in your generalizations of Marinades Buc.
Proven food science.
People's perceptions are extremely fallible, scientific testing is not.
Using an MRA on meat marinated for extended periods showed 1/16 penetration, yet the outer had protein collapse from the acids, which is a form of cooking really.
Yet people will use a marinade and eat it, and rave about the penetration and flavor depth.
That is just how it is.

Marinades benefit by lowering flare up, and by searing into the outer of the meat adding a flavor layer.
That's all.
I invite you to put a tri tip in a container of papain enzyme and wait a day or so.
Then tell me if you still have never seen mushy meat?
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