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Default It's a BBQ Christmas! (Oh, yeah...)

Instead of the usual questionable shirts and ties, my spousal unit told the kids to buy me something to go with my new BBQ addiction. So, I end up with the following: brand new 22.5" WSM (bought off CL by me, but reimbursed by the family), stainless steel Cajun Injector (the big 'un with three finger loops), copy of Weber Smoke cookbook, and a Cajun Injector gift box with six injection/marinade jars and another injector. My brethren, this is the best Christmas I have had in at least 20 years. Nothing to return/exchange and I forgot to mention, an even dozen gift cards for Whataburger, Willie's Icehouse, Applebees, and Olive Garden. Either way, I'm gonna eat for the next few months. Merry Christmas, my friends.
BBQ Apprentice - Old Country Brazos offset, 22.5 WSM, Various gassers, portable grills, etc.
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