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Well it has started! Trimmed the Briskets. One was real lean with a great fat cap. Didnt need to take off much at all. The other....not so lucky! Had lots of fat to trim but we made it work. Injected with broth, Accent, and garlic. So letting sit overnight to chill. Will get up @ 3AM to get the fire going. Here is some pic:

Here are the 2 briskets in the packers

Here is brisket #1 trimmed up.

#2 had a bit more fat. But should make some good burnt ends with all the marbling in the point.

Me making a mess with the knife! haha.....

Here is the Turkey in the buttermilk Brine.
Brine has the following:
-50/50 mix of water and Buttermilk
-1 cup of kosher salt per gallon
-Few Sage leaves
-Few sprigs of rosemary
-Few sprigs of Thyme
-1 Tbs of whole pepper corns
-1 Tbs of allspice
-1 orange peal cut into strips
-1/4 cup of honey
-2 tbs of garlic
-One whole orange squeezed into brine and dropped in
Smells awesome!!!!!!

Lookie what I got for an early Christmas gift!!!!!!! The woman did good! Get to break it in nicely tomorrow! tired and ready to get some limited sleep! Ill be back up at 3 to get the fire going and add more tomorrow!
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