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Originally Posted by BobBrisket View Post

Now that it's crossed that line, you may want to consider a VF. That way you can promote the ROL within your own sub forum at will 24/7. If you are interested, send Phil a PM. He can set it up for you.

"Brethren ventures is a Subscription Based set of forums within our For Sales Section. We do not allow business owners to pimp or promote their products in the public forums. This is to avoid our forum from becoming a big billboard, and be over run b y folks selling product. WE will allow business owners to promote their product in their own vendor forum. To have a forum created, a vendor or business owner must purchase the vendors subscription. We will then create your forum after receiving the forums description from you."

sorry, i wasn't trying to promote. sometimes you don't see the line until you have crossed it. everyone disregard my last post.
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