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Originally Posted by Rib-O-Lator View Post
why do we use cell phones when there is a phone in every house (and used to be) a phone booth on every corner? (because it's better) how many said " i don't need a microwave" when they first came out because they said "i'll just heat it up on the stove". now everyone has one. (because it's better)

it's like the cave man that says, "why do i need stick with sulfur at the end of it to light a fire when i can use two rocks for free". (how did they do that rock thing anyway?)

why do you use a car when you can take the bus? (Because it's better) and other reasons.

so, i said all that to say this. "how do you know you don't want to put your ribs on a merry go round if you have never put them on a merry go round to know you don't want too"? (say that fast 5 times) besides the rib-o-lator is more like a ferris wheel. they are allot funner than merry go rounds. now you want one don't you?

how many times have you said, "i don't want to do that or eat that" but when you did it was totally different than what you expected? (not sure about this one, i still can't get the taste of lutefisk out of my mouth) but you get my point.

what do you have against merry go rounds? im' not going to say, "why did you fall of one when you where younger" because it may still be a painful memory for you. which would explain why you wouldn't put your ribs on one. but you do want to put them on a ferris wheel don't you? way funner! (notice the subliminal message?)

and why do i and others win at BBQ comps using my ferries wheel? (it's a mystery to me as well.)

just to show you how fun a meat ferris wheel can be, i will send you one FREE! that's right! no credit card, food stamps, nothin. (except your address) and if you and your your dog don't like it, send it back dirty and all.(i prefer you clean it though) BUT! if you do like it, and you better... i hope you do... i think you will... now i'm not to sure you will ...then you pay me! sounds stupid right? not to worry, i'v been called stupid so many times it's lost all meaning.

Maybe this would be a good time to mention i am out of stock until the end of JAN? i can't keep these gadgity gizmos on the shelf. (who's buyin these things anyway?) OH YA! smart people eating tasty rib-o-lator food!
now i'm going out to rib-o-late some rib eyes.

Now that it's crossed that line, you may want to consider a VF. That way you can promote the ROL within your own sub forum at will 24/7. If you are interested, send Phil a PM. He can set it up for you.

"Brethren ventures is a Subscription Based set of forums within our For Sales Section. We do not allow business owners to pimp or promote their products in the public forums. This is to avoid our forum from becoming a big billboard, and be over run b y folks selling product. WE will allow business owners to promote their product in their own vendor forum. To have a forum created, a vendor or business owner must purchase the vendors subscription. We will then create your forum after receiving the forums description from you."

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