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Some co-workers of mine missed out on the brisket I cooked for a holiday potluck about a week ago. They'd had my brisket before and we're bummed about arriving too late. One of them offered to pay for a brisket if I cooked it for the team. I figured that was a sign that they really were bummed about missing it. I didn't accept any $s from them and was planning on cooking one for the team sometime but just wasn't sure when.

When the Black Ops rub arrived on Wed, it was clear the time had come. I ran out that night & picked up a 13 1/2 lb packer. With the Mayan Doomsday coming I figured this might be my last meal!

On Thurs night I opened up this:

I gave the rub a little taste and got some heat, a little sweet, and a hint of the onion. Initially I had a bit of concern that one coworker might find the heat too much but figured it wouldn't be as noticeable on the cooked brisket.

I applied the Black Ops on the trimmed Doomsday Brisket & got it on the Large Egg and went to bed. This was in the AM more than mid-way through the cook:

And this was it off the Egg while wrapping it in foil before placing it in a cooler for the rest/hold until lunch at the office:

I find it hard to take good pron while at work as hungry coworkers don't seem to care about me needing pics and I rarely take my DSLR to work. Here's a couple of shots of the Black Ops brisket taken by a coworker with a point & shoot before the feast began:

The nine of us almost finished it all off! I have no doubt that we would have eaten it all if there weren't various salads and snacks also being consumed.

Overall the brisket was enjoyed by all. The Black Ops rub had a nice balanced flavor and was not too hot by for anyone. I think I could have applied it a little more liberally, as per the instructions, but I was a little reserved because of the one coworker who really avoids spicy (he ate as much as anyone so my concerns were for nothing). We were happy with the bark as well.

Thanks Mike for the Give-Away! I think you have a fine product here and I'm looking forward to using it again!

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