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Originally Posted by Smokin Mike View Post
I get most of the rules, I like it, and love to cook a IBCA, but I do have a couple questions,,

can you use pulled chicken as a base, and will it be judged too?
how do you guys cook brisket? with the point on?, and turn it in with the point?
Last question, is pellet cooking allowed?

I probably have more questions, and I think I want to cook this one, just for the difference of cooking styles.
The ONLY thing allowed in your turn-in box for an IBCA contest (other than the product) is a piece of foil. NO PULLED CHICKEN - as the rule state, "one half (1/2) fully jointed domestic chicken with skin that includes a breast, wing with tip, thigh, and drumstick." - if you put pulled chicken in, I don't think your box will ever make it to the judging table - you will be asked to remove it. The goal is to have all the boxes look the same to the judges.

Generally, for brisket, all you need is the flat - 7 slices are all that are allowed in the turn-in box with the foil (9 slices in larger comps). NO BURNT ENDS TURNED IN!!! If you want to make them for yourself or the other cookers around you, that's up to you, but they're not part of your turn-in.

Pellet cookers are fine - just as long as there's no sharing of heat sources. You might want to look at the IBCA rules at for clarification.

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