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Long and short of if you've never ran your own place. If you do want to have your own place, cut your teeth on someone else's dime first, after you get things figured out using their money...and are prepared to possibly lose some of your own at least at first, then get your own place. I've got 12 years in the restaurant business and I've spent 6 of those as a General Manager or Assistant General Manager. Like Mr. Chester said, there is nothing that can prepare you for your own place. There is no such thing as "training to run a restaurant". You only learn by screwing up and then doing it again til you get it right

Seriously though it isn't realistic to run a steakhouse on a weekend only basis. What a nightmare it would be to control food cost and staff a place like that. If you do decide to move further I would ask for recent P&L (Profit & Loss) statements and find out why such a "great" opportunity is available and why they'd want to still be such key part of it...don't mean to be rude I just hate to see people get into the madness when things are going so well in their life


Do it only for the love of the business and the food and people...NEVER FOR THE MONEY

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