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Default Reheating Brisket

I plan on making 2 briskets for New Years Eve. One to bring to work and the 2nd to bring to a party at night. I have been looking at some old posts regarding what is the best way to reheat brisket and there are a bunch of great ideas. I plan on trying 2 different techniques and will post it here how they came out. So will attempt to do it Sunday HnF.

The 1st brisket I plan on slicing and placing them in a ziplock bags with any juice that leaked out (I do not have a vacuum sealer). Place in refrigerator over night. Bring it to work Monday and warm the meat in the bags with boiling water. We don't have easy access to a microwave and oven is out of the question. But we do have a pitcher that boils water insanely quick.

The 2nd brisket I'm thinking leave whole. After the rest, unwrap the butchers paper and wrap the meat in plastic wrap with any juice and make it waterproof then in the fridge overnight. Next day place wrapped up brisket in a pan with water in a preheated 200* oven till IT of 140*. Let it rest for 30 min or so then start slicing.

I sure hope I'm able to do this next weekend, seems I've been doing more research on this then it will take to smoke the dam thing. Like I said if I'm able to do this I'll be looking fwd to posting the results. Wish me luck, or advice lol.
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