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I think you're misinterpreting my question.

I was really looking for a good honest explanation of the differences from those with experience using both. I have a UDS. I was wondering if there was good reason to spend $225 on new (reasonably priced & professional built) smoker that might perform better then what I was able to build at home. Thus, hearing about the differences that were then explained was helpful. Though not convincing enough for me to invest in one right now.

Yes, I could have gone to the site and listened to the pitch from the guy that makes them, but that would be a little biased wouldn't you think? Your reviews and comments of this product in this thread and in your blog can easily be interpreted that you had more involvement than just a love for the product. That you are on a first name basis with the person that manufacturers it, and comment about "patent pending" designs strengthens that interpretation, but whatever. My intent is not in guesstimating your level of involvement, but rather learning more about the product in an unbiased manner. Which through your response and others, I have to some degree.
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