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Default Backwoods Smoker G2 models

I own a Backwoods Smoker Competitor and Party. I use the Competitor for KCBS comps and also I can cook 16 butts at a time for any catering jobs. The Party I just use for fun.

Recently BW announced a "G2" version for the Party and Chubby (Chubby is just a smaller Party, 4 racks instead of 6) which is 6" deeper allowing for a full size hotel pan to sit inside.

Last weekend I got the chance to see the G2 model just before they got picked up by their new owner.

Here they are side by side

Here is the Party. 6" deeper and also a new color.

As you can see the full size 4" deep hotel pan fits nicely on the rack but I did have to remove the top rack first.

Here it is slid into the smoker. The racks are very heavy duty. A lot thicker and stronger than the original Party.

I removed the water pan so you are looking down onto the top of the heat diverter. Right below it is the charcoal basket and ash pan.

Here is a look at the heat diverter. It looks a lot thinner than the one on the original Party.

And here's a shot of the basket.

Overhead shot of the basket and ash pan. That's the water pan sitting on the ground on the left and the heat diverter on the right.

One thing I don't like on my Competitor is that the thermometer probe tip will poke into an aluminum pan. Not so on the G2 Party. I was able to slam the door here and the tip never touched the pan.

Four butts fit on the rack with room to spare.

A decent size brisket fits too.

Here is the Chubby. Same racks...just less of them.

Here you can see that there is no spare room above the charcoal basket like there is with the Party.

I may see a pair of G2 Partys in my future. I like the idea of big meats on one and the later meats on the other.

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