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I see that you did John. I was just wondering WHY myself is all. I mean nothing by my post but it burns charcoal,has an intake and exhaust same as any other cooker,right? What makes it so good as meaning just your opinion is all I meant? If it really is better GREAT I'm all in in that. Love a good cooker! I respect your opinion on a cooker as you know. Been following your blog for a long time and can't get enough of it. I'm not blasting anything just wondering is all. Looks like quality to me tho a bit on the small side correct me if I'm wrong. I'll do a little more investigating when I have time. Thanks, Bob
The simple answer to the "why" question is simply the engineering and
design that Noah put into the cooker. For example, the charcoal basket is
pre-measured. You just fill it level, light it, and go.

Just to provide a little perspective on the thought that went into the
design, Noah told me that he went through 29 prototype barrels before he
landed on the current design.

Also, the meat hanging method (which is patent-pending) is essentially like
a stationary rotisserie, which makes the meat cook very evenly with no
flipping or tending.

I hope this helps,
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