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Originally Posted by -HAZARD- View Post
I'm still waiting for somebody to explain WHY this is better then a UDS?

It's the same thing isn't it?

-I see that it only has a very small exhaust.
-I see that it has a hanging rack system.
-I don't see the intake design however.

PadioDaddio, what makes this better than your two UDS's that you would trade?

EDIT: Oh wait, I see you are either sponsored by them or have some other interest in advertising for them. (Not being sarcastic, just looking for an honest review) SOMEBODY ELSE, who has cooked on both the UDS and PBC, is there a difference?

Completely agree w/ flyingbassman5... I am not in any way claiming this is the worlds best cooker! All I am saying is that I have tried a fair # of cookers... some costing 10x what I paid for this lil PBC. I have cooked on WSM's, Hasty Bakes, Pellet grills/smokers, Kettle's, Char-Grillers, etc. And although each of these cookers has the ability to turn out REALLY good food, I can honestly say that I am more impressed with what I am seeing this PBC churn out than any of the other cookers that I have mentioned above. That's just my experience! I love the the enormous capacity of this lil guy. I also like that I can EASILY toss it in the trunk of my Honda Accord and take it from point A to point B. I have never had a portable cooker that actually had the capacity to feed a decent size crowd... I LOVE that about the PBC!!
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