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Originally Posted by -HAZARD- View Post
I'm still waiting for somebody to explain WHY this is better then a UDS?

It's the same thing isn't it?

-I see that it only has a very small exhaust.
-I see that it has a hanging rack system.
-I don't see the intake design however.

PadioDaddio, what makes this better than your two UDS's that you would trade?

EDIT: Oh wait, I see you are either sponsored by them or have some other interest in advertising for them. (Not being sarcastic, just looking for an honest review) SOMEBODY ELSE, who has cooked on both the UDS and PBC, is there a difference?
Honestly, I don't think anybody is meaning to say that the Pit Barrel is the end all be all of all UDSs. In some respects it is better, in others worse. The smaller 30 gallon size allows for a higher cooking temp and the barrel itself radiates heat evenly. In the downside the PBC comes preset with a certain intake position (located near the bottom. Basically just a hole with a round damper). It is preset to run about 290ish. It can be changed, but I believe that would require using a screw driver to loosen the plate. Why is that an [x] for the PBC? Well, a UDS can cook at much lower temperatures for A LOT longer than the PBC can. A UDS also has more variabilty with custom features and such.

Comparing the PBC to a UDS is like comparing a WMS to its Canadian cousin the Napolean. They are essentially the same thing in design but what differs between them is the small features. One really isn't "better" than the other. They are just...different.

Now I don't technically have experience cooking on a PBC yet. However, I have done a lot of research before buying one for Christmas. My choice was either a PBC or 18.5" WSM and once I got the coupon for a $100 off from I was sold on the PBC. $225 shipped Fedex ground to my door was a deal I couldn't pass up. Since, I already have the Coleman version of a WSM I really wanted something different. Yeah sure, I could've built a UDS for $225 but why not try something different? On top of the PBC which is a gift from my ladyfriend, I am also having a friend build me a new UDS. Why a new UDS, if the PBC is so great and mighty? Just because

After the new year I plan on cooking on both my new PBC and my (soon to be new) UDS to really get a feel for the differences in usage and post my experiences here. I have my ideas of why I might like one over the other and vise versa, but I will wait to post any of that until I can make a sure fire decision. Until then, I hope this tid bit helped you out..
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