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When I first started smokin pork I used my 30 year old home made, low temp, verticle chest fish smoker, Wood fired of course. Burned the firebox out of it cooking pork at a hotter temp and so made a UDS Till I get old one fixed.
Ive used the UDS with lump and wood chunks, lump only, compressed charcoal blocks (excellent long burn time) and with wood only.

Wood is a more difficult burn requiring a lot more attention but to everyones (wife n me, kids eat anything so long as its free!) tastes produces a better smoke. I will not do fish on anything but wood, too many failures with charcoal.

But am really looking forward to flying home and firing up the UDS and doing some PP when I finish my current tasking at New Years. Gosh I miss the thin blue whilst working in the desert, over here its impossible to get charcoal and smoke always means someone is about to or already has had thier day ruined one way or another so is verboten.

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