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Originally Posted by okie smoker View Post
I've read through some of the threads and getting the idea. Just curious...has anyone brined a brisket? If so, did it add to the flavor or add moisture.

I'm getting the impression that with a brisket, you think of it like a good steak...minimal flavor enhancement and proper cooking technique is what yields the best results. Am I right?
Yeah, they do it all the time its called Corned beef
You want a Brisket Method that garentees results here ya Go!

1) trim all hard fat and thin the fat cap to 1/4 "
2) mix 50/50 Kosher salt & course Black pepper or 40/60
3) apply above rub to brisket
4) bring the pit to 300 deg
5 cook 4 hrs at 300 deg remove from pit wrap in a single layer of Butcher paper and return the Wrapped Brisket to the pit continue to cook at 300 until you can insert a skewer and it feels like soft butter.
6) Remove the Wrapped brisket to a Sheet pan and set it on the kitchen counter insert a probe thermo when the meat temp drops into the 150's tear open the paper pour off all the juices and save them(after de-fatting) to dip your slices into. Separate the point & flat and carve across the grain. Never carve more than you need to retain as much moisture as possible.
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