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Well, as mentioned at the top of this thread, I received my Pit Barrel Cooker last week. It was a BUSY weekend, but did have a chance to fire it up... here's my initial impression:

1) I have cooked on a GOOD NUMBER of cookers over the years! The reason I state this is because I think it is important to know that I actually have experiences to compare the ability of this cooker too.

2) I did a VERY SIMPLE first cook, which consisted of 1 3.5lb tri-tip. I simply dusted it with a good coat of SM peppered cow rub. Fired up the Pit Barrel Cooker (using lighter fluid ), waited the suggested 20 minutes, stuck a hook through the tri-tip, hung it in the PBC, and returned 40 minutes later to what I believe was one of the best tri-tips I have ever had (and living in CA, I have had my fair share of tri-tip).

3) Bottomline, I was VERY impressed with the PBC. The tri-tip was cooked to perfection with ZERO interaction required.

4) I CANNOT wait to throw this bad boy some chicken, ribs and butt. I have no reason to doubt that I will once again be blown away!

SERIOUSLY, this PBC is soooo simple! It is WELL built (LOVE the slight sheen to the powder coat finish *CLASSY*)!! I am thinking this may very well become my go-to cooker... it appears to be that GOOD!!!
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