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Default Great Days Start with Open Refirs

So I had about $150 worth of meat in my spare refrigerator that included an actual prime Prime Rib, a whole pork loin and 20#s of butts.

The oldest went to feed the dog this morning and saw the refrigerator door was open. By my best guess the fridge was open about 8-12 inches for nearly 24 hours. (It sits in our storage room and not a lot of traffic.)

The pork loin is gone for sure. I opened the cry-o-vac and gone. The butts smell fine, but am wondering if they might still be good. They weren't room temp, but they weren't ice cold either. Same thing on the prime rib. Honestly, I'm a little more confident in the beef than I am the pork. But that may be driven by the $13/# vs. $1.30# difference.

I would probably eat them if it was just for me. But these are for close and extended family Christmas dinners this weekend. I really don't want mass food poisoning issues on my hands.

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