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Originally Posted by aawa View Post
If you are not one for "Hot" peppers the habanero might not be one that you would like. Some chiles that come to mind that you can get that are pretty mild are Jalapenos, Pasillas, and Anaheims. I am not much of a pepper head when it comes to terms of hot. But I love the flavors different peppers give to dishes. I like to taste my food, not burn out my mouth and my lower O ring. I like Jalapenos because I find that if I seed and devein them, the flavor it adds is awesome and it isnt a mouth burning spicy.
We like it both, hot & not, one just needs to have it available to be picked depending on dish & mood.

I never even heard of Pasillas and Anaheims, but the more variety the better, there is still enough space in our little herb garden. A fine selection of chili & peppers is what we are after.
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