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I have a big, heavy (600 pounds) offset that I use whenever I have time for a long low 'n slow cook with brisket or butts or chickens. I usually start the fire with RO lump using the minion method in the maze firebox I built for it. Oak, pecan or mesquite logs go on top of the lump and that is all that goes in after the lump gets the pit heated up. I have a WSM that I use for convenience with RO or KBB and wood chunks when I don't have time to baby-sit the offset. I have two charcoal grills I use for steak, burgers, sausage, etc with mixed lump and wood. I love the process of cooking on the offset but it's a lot more work than the WSM.
BBQ Apprentice - Old Country Brazos offset, 22.5 WSM, Various gassers, portable grills, etc.
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