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Originally Posted by JS-TX View Post
Should there even be a difference so long as it's clean smoke?
Yes, there is a difference for sure to me. I can get a pretty clean fire. Hardly any smoke visable from my uds. When i do add wood chuncks, smoke is vissble and blue color. The key difference i have figured out with charcoal, no matter how clean the fire is or how long a pre heat has been, charcoal just gives off a diff flavor, especially when using minon method. As the unlit charcoal becomes increasingly hotter, before the point of ignition, the smoke given off of the newly ignited charcoal is not as clean and all ready burning charcoal. Thats why some people will light a new batch of charcoal every two hours or so and ditch the minion method. It produces a different flavor of q more closly related to what is produced by a stick burner. More work, yes, but to some the flavor difference is worth it. I have had the opertunity this summer and fall to try ribs a pure charcoal fire with and without minon method. a charcoal fire with wood chuncks, with and without minion method and a stick burner. All 5 completly diff flavors from eachother with same cut of meat and spices. All with oak. Stick burner seems to be my fav. next is charcoal non minion. Haha. It is very interesting how it all works. Thanks
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