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Originally Posted by Big Poppa View Post
Let me be the first to state a very deep observation...there were a lot of good and great teams left off. The difference between you and me is that if I was going to leave just one comment it would have been a different one than you left.

I can take an observation...seriously I agree that there were teams left off....4,000 teams competed and 24 got picked...I was giving you my observations.

Why bbqers have to critique everything? from Pitmasters, to Sams, to King of the Smokers? Sort of baffles me. Is BBQ better without people creating events or worse?

btw nice year 8 comps 2 rgc's and a GC.....good on ya!

All I was able to observe was the team list and thats what I based my observation on. your comp did a lot of great things good for you. I am not looking for an argument, I have plenty of people in my life to do that with. I actually think its a cool event, just observed, I will state it again, observed a lot of good teams not on the list. I dont know the logistics or the layout so I have no idea how you picked you teams and once again, dont really care, just an observation... 8 comps all while vending too! hahaha actually 3 rgc's, bbq brethren event in PA!
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