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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by Bluesman View Post
Outstanding.......... How do you get some uniform, gorgeous flutes?
By using my left thumb and right thumb and forefinger!

See if you can visualize this....

Take your left hand and hold it in front of you, sticking your left thumb toward your right. Now put your right thumb and forefinger together with them as parallel as possible (in other words, NOT in the "OK" shape), pushing the pads together. Now place the right digits on either side of the left thumb. With THIS finger position in mind......

I put my left thumb pointing "out" on the "inside" of the dough and then push against that with my right thumb and forefinger pointing "in" on the "outside" of the dough. That starts with one "V", then I just work my way around the pie crust counterclockwise putting my right thumb where my right forefinger was previously and repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat.......

Totally confused now?
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