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Originally Posted by Big Poppa View Post
I took soooooo much crap like this...You cannot have a limited field without leaving someone off...

For 15 dollars patrons got the very best the best location not on the water in December, got free classes from the likes of Trigg, Stone, Gray Hixon,Soo, Groneman, Johns, Nelson, and the eventual GC Lilly...oh yeah we raised $167,000.00 for pediatric kidney disease. I think that is more raised that the next 50 contests.

spend a few minutes and look up the facebook pages of the teams that were there...I didnt talk about the teams.

Do you know who I invited and turned it down?

Was the cup half empty or half full at the King Of the Smoker?

Sorry for the rant but most people would have given up with the internet sniping.
Originally Posted by big matt View Post
How about taking a look at who did get invited then take a look at their Facebook page..there isn't a team out there that has cooked a better event..Sterling went over the top and the last thing he should have to do is come on here and defend it..but I will! about you pick up the phone and call all of these great teams and have them come out to your comp,put them up in a beautiful resort,pay for all of their meals,comp meat,bar tab..ect ect..let me know how that all works out for you..hell take these 24 teams throw them out pick another 24 and you'll have a whole other group crying about who didn't get invited..can't please everyone everytime..but Sterling pleased everyone that was there and then some!..I'm glad we got the invite and it was a great time cooking against all of those great teams!..again I can't say this enough..THANK YOU STERLING!!

I never cried and could careless who you invited or didnt. I said it looked like a great comp, you can obviously take a compliment but not an observation. Congrats on raising money, that's awesome, never questioned the integrity of the comp or its success. I was just observing that there were a lot of great teams that were not there. Take it how you want, could careless.
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