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Question Request: Jalapeno & Habanero Seeds

We have a small herb garden, which did not yield very much this year. We had a chili plant, but it gave exactly *one* red chili, which I had in chicken soap yesterday, and it wasn't even hot at all!

So my wife is asking for help:

Is anybody here with Jalapeno and Habanero in his own herb garden willing to share some seeds of both?

Such seeds seem to be impossible to get here, and we really would like to try some fresh from our own garden next year.

Compared to other (larger) items sent from the U.S. to Austria, this should be rather simple, I guess some seeds could easily be sent in a normal unregistered postal letter, and of course I would pay for the effort.

It's crazy how simple things can be so hard to accomplish. So if someone could help us out, I'd really appreciate it.
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