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Default I swear by this brisket marinade...

I swear by this brisket marinade... I mix all of it together for the mop.

The original recipe is a mop for beef brisket, by Walter Jetton, LBJ's favorite BBQ'r.

I will trim two briskets (10-12 pound each) then using an 8 gallon round igloo cooler, soak the briskets for three days in the mop, no more, no less.

Because it uses beef stock, you gain beef flavor. The taste permeates the brisket and you'll never have a dry brisket ever again. If your like me, once you taste this you won't go back. It does alter the taste from pure beef, the spices are through and through the entire brisket, but I like it!

By: The Caterer to the LBJ Ranch: Walter Jetton
From: Walter Jetton's LBJ Barbecue Cook Book

Copyright, (1965 By Arthur Whitman
All rights reserved.
Published by Pocket Books, Inc.

Mop for all Barbecue Meats

Use this to rub over meats or to baste them while they are cooking. Put it on with a little dish mop of the kind that you see in the dime store. As you use it, the flavor will change and improve, for you are constantly transferring smoke and grease from the meat back to the mop concoction. If you have any left over, keep it in the refrigerator.

3 tbs. salt (note: Use kosher or canning salt)
3 tbs. dry mustard
2 tbs. garlic powder
1 tbs. ground bay leaf
2 tbs. chili powder
3 tbs. Lu'siana Hot Sauce (note: I assume this is Tabasco)
2 pints Worcestershire sauce
1 pint vinegar (note: white)
4 quarts bone stock (note: or use canned beef broth)
1 pint oil
3 tbs. MSG or other pep powder (note: Accent)

Make the bone stock just the way you would start a soup-buy good stout beef bones from the butcher and boil them. Add all the other ingredients and let stand overnight before using.

About 6 quarts
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