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Default I got my Pastrami working this weekend

I had a couple of Gobels corned beefs in the fridge that were about to expire so I cooked them up yesterday. I picked these two because they had point and flat. As it turned out they were a little too lean and not as unctuous as I would have liked, but good eats none the less.

It was a dark and rainy day so I set up my climate control system.

I smoked them with hickory at about 225 for 6 hours or so but when they stalled at 140 I bumped it up to 270. They hit my target of 160 about an hour later.

They had a nice crunchy bark.

A little taste of each was necessary for QA purposes.

I put one up in the freezer and steamed the other today for lunch with a friend.

All in all not a bad meal. I sent my buddy home with the leftovers. I own him now.

Thanks for looking.
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