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Originally Posted by woodpelletsmoker View Post
OK I find more about Stoven as below:

Fan: Single speed fan controlled by a power switch.

Pellet Feed system/control: pellets are fed by an auger controlled by a variable rheostat setting from 1 to 9 to control the pellet feed rate. This allows the temperature to be adjusted manually. It does NOT automatically maintain a set temperature.

If Stoven can not maintain temperature automatically, why people use Stoven.
It appears that you have answered your own question, the company has been around since 2000 and this is the first ive ever heard of the Stoven. They made a product for which there is very little to no demand and at a price point that is ridiculous.

Essentially they charging $350 to add a pellet feeder to a Weber kettle. For $350 you can buy a WSM or make 3 UDS with money to spare, its perplexing that they didnt take this into account before creating the Stoven.

Originally Posted by Smoothsmoke View Post
If anything I believe an external pellet attachment would be great for gas grills. You could probably target people that live in condos or gated communities where charcoal is not allowed.
This sounds like an amazing idea, make it so that its easy for people to attach your burner to their propane grill. I think most people would still want use of their grill so with your burner attached it should not affect the grill. The only challenge I see is whether or not gas grills are good at maintaining temps, in my experience most of them have air leaks.
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